Practice the following tips:


Tip #1  Take enough Water

Your body needs fluids to carry out its functions. If you do not receive the necessary amount of fluid, you will not perform those functions properly and you will not burn as many calories.


Tip #2  Combine your cardio exercises with strength exercises

You already know that exercise is crucial to keep your metabolism working effectively, but if you only concentrate your routine on running on your treadmill or doing a stationary bike, you are not building muscle mass which is what will really help your metabolism to rise. Incorporates strength exercises to burn even more calories.


Tips #3  Rest well

People who do not rest well tend to weigh more than those who do get a good night’s rest, most nights. By not getting enough sleep, the hormones that control appetite can be “out of control” causing you to feel more hungry and therefore, eat more. It is recommended to sleep 7 hours daily.


Tips #4  Control your stress

Not only is it unpleasant to be stressed, it is also bad for your metabolism. When the stress hormone called cortisol is activated, your body is more likely to store more fat.

In addition to these useful tips, we recommend adding Nopalina to your daily diet. Nopalina is a 100% natural product composed of fibers that help digest and metabolize excess fat in the body with omega 3,6 and 9.


Dr. Pablo Oliva

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