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Smart choices when celebrating the Holidays

Smart choices when celebrating the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect excuse to be with family and friends and eat typical dishes that make us enjoy the company even more. But, how can we avoid temptations and calories?

The secret is to plan ahead. Plan healthy holidays and avoid overeating, stay active, buy healthy foods and save time to rest properly.

Avoid overeating: eat what you like, but in moderation. If you feel a craving for an unhealthy snack, take a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit, or even walk for 5 minutes. Distractions can help you resist those cravings. Also consider eating slowly. If you fall into temptation, try to adjust to your plan the next day.

Stay Active: do not make the holidays just about the food. Any extra exercise can be useful this season. Community walks or races are a good option. Establishing family games, such as a football and/soccer game, can be a fun alternative to stay active.

Buy healthy foods: if you are the one in charge of the dinner, try baking, roasting or cooking on the grill. Make small changes to the menu such as replacing sour cream with Greek yogurt or mashed potatoes with cauliflower.

Rest properly: sleeping properly can help you avoid gaining extra weight.

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